Restaurants generate large amounts of fats, oil and grease (FOG). If left untouched, the waste accumulates in sewer pipes and creates costly problems such as foul odors, restricted water flow and blocked drainpipes.

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Grease traps

Pumping the grease trap can be a problem, especially if the FOG has thickened. The hard surface has to be manually removed which further increases maintenance costs.

Foul odors

As organic waste begins to rot, it produces a foul odor reminiscent of rotten egg. The decomposition process also produces hydrogen sulfide, a highly toxic gas that corrodes the pipes.


Organic waste build-up provides a perfect substrate for fruit flies and silverfish. The insects can reproduce freely while hiding in the drain.


FOG and other organic waste can accumulate in the sewer restricting water flow and creating costly blockages that need to be handled by a professional.

Maintenance costs

Pumping the grease trap as well as having to call professionals frequently in order to unclog the drains both accumulate large maintenance costs.


Fully functioning grease trap

As the microbes consume FOG and other organic waste, grease traps stay fully functioning and odorless. Thus, grease traps do not need to be pumped as often and the procedure itself becomes more convenient.

Eliminates foul odors

When the rotting organic waste is removed from the pipes, the formation of hydrogen sulfide ends. This means there will no longer be any unpleasant sewer smells.

Prevents insects from reproducing

By clearing the pipes from organic waste, the substrate for unpleasant insects is also eliminated, thus the insects cannot reproduce anymore.

Prevents blocked drains

Live microbial strains form a biofilm on the inner surface of the pipe preventing any organic waste from sticking on to it, thus preventing blockages.

Reduces maintenance costs

By preventing blockages and ensuring that the grease trap is fully functioning, you can reduce maintenance costs.


ProtectPipe BIOFLOW

The BioFlow microbe solution contains five different bacterial strains that keep grease traps fully functioning and odorless. At the same time you do not have to pump the grease trap as often and the procedure itself is more convenient. The microbes form a protective biofilm inside the drain pipes that prevent any organic waste from accumulating. Thus, preventing drain clogs and extending the lifespan of the drain pipes.


The BioFloor microbe solution contains five different bacterial strains that remove FOG and other organic waste from the surface of the floor as well as drain pipes. The solution is sprayed on the floor that has been previously rinsed with water. Then the floor is dried with a squeegee in a way that the solution ends up in every floor drain.


Our preventive solution has solved over a thousand clients’ sewer related problems efficiently and in an eco-friendly way. 

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ProtectPipe solved the sewage problems in Helsinki Zoo with an environmentally friendly microbial solution

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Fruit flies and unpleasant odors are no longer a nuisance at the restaurant



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