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Bad Indoor Air Quality Solved Using Biological Microbes – The Future of Nursery School Pellava Still Unsure

Steiner nursery school Pellava has been located in the same beautiful wooden house in Käpylä for over 30 years. Problems with the indoor air quality lead the nursery school to come under the threat of eviction. The odor problems have since the Finnish Environment Institute’s decision been alleviated, but the future is still uncertain for Pellava.

The Steiner nursery school Pellava in the Käpylä district of Helsinki is known for its open environment and communal events. Due to the persistent odor issues manifesting in the building, the environmental inspector suspected that the Pellava facilities might cause health problems for their users. The nursery school came under an eviction threat, and that activated the concerned residents to arrange a petition for saving Pellava.

One of the possible causes for health risks was found in the pipeline

Timo Metsola, the CEO of Vuokraturva Oy, an entrepreneur and apartment-industry influencer from Helsinki, told ProtectPipe about the situation at Pellava. We wanted to help the nursery school and went to examine the condition of the pipeline. One of the possible reasons for the eviction threat was found in the old house’s pipes, and the smell of sewer and hydrogen sulfide the cast-iron pipes were emanating.

We offered the eco-friendly BIOFLOW-solution for the nursery school to use in order to get rid of the organic waste in the pipeline, and it effectively removed the odors from the facilities in a few weeks.

I can not say what will be the effect of the microbe solution and regular drain treatment for the building’s renovation needs in the future, but for the moment at least the harmful odors have been eliminated in the facilities. The old building naturally has its other challenges, but at least in terms of the odor problems, the situation has improved, says the director of Pellava Tytti Muhonen happily.

The nursery school Pellava is renovated after all, but the eventual fate becomes clear later

Other good news were also heard from Pellava. After the uncertainty of the winter and spring, Pellava got the information that the building will not be shut down, but that it will soon be renovated.

The nursery school will be renovated soon, and we will reopen in the beginning of August. We are now taking one day at a time, Muhonen says.

Pellava is now closing its doors and reopening in the beginning of August, but the long-term continuation of the nursery school’s operation in the wooden house area of Käpylä and the final outcome of the eviction threat are still uncertain. In any case, Pellava is an important focal point of the culture of the Käpylä district and its residents, who hope for the nursery school’s continued operation in the area.

Many Finnish schools and nursery schools suffer from similar indoor air quality issues as Pellava. The underlying cause for the odor problems should however always be looked into thoroughly before the start of any major actions or tearing anything down. In the case of Pellava, the professional investigation into the odor issues lead to the discovery of a simple and cost-effective solution, and we are among the many who hope for the continued operation of the nursery school for at least the two remaining years of its lease.

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