Finnish innovation which prevents sewage problems

ecologically and efficiently

Finnish innovation

ProtectPipe is an innovation developed and manufactured in Finland, solving sewer problems efficiently and environmentally friendly.

Our product has been developed in close collaboration with leading microbiologists in Finland. Our solution is safe for humans, animals, and the environment!

Our clients

Over 1000 corporate clients trust in the effectiveness of our solution.

Our customer base spans all places where sewage systems are found; from residential cooperatives to shopping centers and from restaurants to cruise ships. If your property has a sewer, our solution is suitable for you.

Thousands of households across Finland rely on our products! Contact us, and let’s find the most suitable solution for you!



Organic Waste

Organic waste, such as food and grease, ends up in the sewage pipes and starts to build up.



The organic waste starts to decrease water flow and causes blockages.



Structural damage

The waste starts to decompose and creates gasses that weakens the pipes.




A microbial solution is dispensed into sewer pipes and the microbes start to eat away the organic waste.



Living microbes

The microbes form a biofilm on the inner surface of the pipe, preventing the adhesion of new organic matter to the pipe, and simultaneously stopping the formation of hydrogen sulfide


Constant use

With regular use, sewer odors, insects, and blockages are prevented, and the aging of the piping system is halted. At the same time, the lifespan of the pipes significantly increases.

Environmentally friendly solution

ProtectPipe Oy is committed to environmentally friendly principles and sustainable development.

Our solution is designed to reduce environmental impact while providing financial savings for our customers.

We use only natural microbes in our products, which transform organic matter in the sewage system into water and carbon dioxide. Therefore, we do not add to the burden on our water bodies; quite the opposite!



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