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Finnish Microbes to Clean Dubai’s Golf Course Reservoirs (Kauppalehti 8.6.2017)

Kauppalehti 8.6.2017

Finnish microbiotechnology company ProtectPipe is expanding its operation to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Anna Juvonen KL. Photo: Lauri Olander

The company produces an eco-friendly drain cleaning solution that contains live microbe strains, and removes organic waste from the pipeline and grease trap. With the expansion the microbes are tested as a method of cleanind the fake lakes on Dubai’s golf courses.

ProtectPipe has alongside with researchers from the University of Helsinki developed a microbe population that can survive challenging environments and marked changes in temperature and pH-values. The solution contains five different strains of microbes, which together clear the pipe of grease, protein, starch, cellulose and hydrogen sulfide.

The goal of ProtectPipe is to rapidly expand their market share in Dubai’s real estate maintenance sector. The company’s first goal is to start sales especially in the restaurant sector.

“The real estate market operates in cycles, and in this respect Dubai is no different from Finland. The trend in Dubai for many years has been massive investment in new construction, that has largely been run with the money of international investors interested in the trending market. Here is our chance. Investors dreaming of quick payoffs haven’t been interested in long-term real estate maintenance. The clock is starting to wind down on this time bomb”, the Director of Administration for ProtectPipe Hannu Keränen says.

ProtectPipe’s target is to reach sales of 4 million euros this year, funded by January’s 850 000 euro crowdfunding round aimed at expansion. The company is continuing its product development and is planning to expand to six new countries in 1,5 years.

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