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Sewer opening vs. sewer care solutions

What is the difference between traditional sewer opening solutions and those based on microbes? Shortly put, the difference is in the result they provide. Traditional chemical and enzyme based products burst open the sewer blockage for a while. Living microbes, on the other hand, start to reproduce in the sewer pipes, and eat away all the organic waste (fat, starch, cellulose etc.) permanently.

Temporary or long term solution?

Depending on the problem at hand, there are many different kinds of alternatives for fixing sewer pipe issues out there. If a product is needed that instantly clears a difficult blockage, it is sometimes easiest to rely on strong, hazardous chemicals or a pressure washer. After the blockage is gone, one can start to consider preventative sewer care as an alternative in order to avoid similar situations in the future.

Preventative sewer care is a better solution in the long term. Dangerous chemicals may effectively open a clogged pipe, but preventative sewer care will stop that blockage from ever forming and will help get rid of the the bad smells and insects at the same time. Microbes create a long term protective cover over the pipes, but a little patience is needed to remember to pour the solution into the drains in the beginning. Microbes differ from other sewer care solutions, since their effectiveness only gets better with time.

Lasting results with microbes

A good long term result requires constant upkeep. However, this does not mean spending lots of time or effort on sewer care. Maintaining the good state of your pipes only takes a fraction of the time that is used on, for example, brushing your teeth. ProtectPipe Home Microbe Solution needs to be administered in the drains as a “shock treatment” for the first week, and after that one deciliter needs to be added for maintenance once a month. We recommend dosing the solution into the drains in the evening, that way the microbes can reproduce overnight without interruptions from running water.

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