Our solution consists of live microbial strains that use organic waste as fuel and transform it into water and carbon dioxide. This stops the corrosion process in the drainpipes and prevents harmful nutrients from entering the fragile ecosystem of the Baltic sea.

Consumers can subscribe to the Preventive Sewer Treatment Service or buy our Microbe Solution for Home from our online shop. For our housing co-operative clients or business clients we provide a customized solution to meet their needs.


In 2011 our founder Klas Alfthan realized he had bought an apartment from a housing co-op that was soon to undergo a repiping project. In order to find out why repiping projects were normally carried out, Klas started researching the subject. It turned out that the main reason behind the need of pipe repair was organic waste that accumulates in drainpipes. When organic waste rots, it produces toxic gases such as hydrogen sulfide, a highly corrosive gas that corrodes pipes. Brittle pipes need to be replaced and the homeowners need to find another place to stay for several months at worst.

This revelation was the beginning of ProtectPipe, a microbiotech company that offers a sustainable and safe solution for removing the organic waste from drainpipes.

Today we have solved over a thousand clients’ sewer related problems with our preventive solution. Every household or a piece of real estate using our product is also involved in reducing the chemical and nutrient loading of the Baltic sea.

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Our preventive solution has solved over a thousand clients’ sewer related problems efficiently and in an eco-friendly way.

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ProtectPipe’s environmentally friendly microbial solution keeps housing co-op’s drains clear of organic waste and postpones the need for repairs

ProtectPipe solved the sewage problems in Helsinki Zoo with an environmentally friendly microbial solution

Fruit flies and unpleasant odors are no longer a nuisance at the restaurant



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