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Ennakoiva viemärinhoito – kuin hampaiden pesu putkistoille.

Preventiv rörvård – som tandtvätt för rören

Preventive sewer care – like a toothbrush for the pipeline.

Preventive sewer care – like a toothbrush for the pipeline.

Preventive Care for the Pipeline

Effective and Sustainable Innovation

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Did you know that up to 85% of repiping projects are carried out because of brittle drainpipes?

A natural solution for problems in grease traps and drainpipes

We are a Finnish microbiotechnology company. We produce a microbe solution that removes organic waste from the pipe system in a natural way. The microbe solution moves to the areas with build-up in drainpipes and devours the waste. This is an ecological way to stop erosion in drainpipes and prevent any harmful waste from entering the fragile environment.

Consumers can purchase our ProtectPipe &home microbe solution from our online store. For our B2B customers, we install a pipe maintenance system that automatically feeds the pipeline with an optimal portion of BIOFLOW microbe solution.

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Most common problems of the pipe system

Build-up of organic waste in drains, drainpipes and grease traps causes a number of problems that are unpleasant as well as time-consuming and expensive to solve.

Blocked and slow drains

  • Fat, oil, grease (FOG) and other organic waste build-up in drainpipes and grease traps cause blockages.
  • This problem has become more common with the recent technological advances in energy-efficient dishwashers that use less and colder water.

Foul odours and erosion

  • As organic waste decomposes in pipes, toxic gases, such as hydrogen sulphide, form and erode the pipes.
  • Hydrogen sulphide is harmful and produces significant odour problems. Gases in drainpipes are also usually the main reason for insect infestations in kitchen areas.

Pumping a grease trap is expensive and can damage the structure

  • Grease and oil form a hard surface on an untreated grease trap, which makes it more difficult to empty and can cause damage to the structure. This is the main reason for the alarm systems not working as they should according to law.
  • Emptying the grease trap removes organic waste from the trap but not from the drainpipes – the BIOFLOW microbe solution, however, treats the whole system.

Increased sewage fees and claims for compensation

  • Water supply companies charge an increased sewage fee from companies that dispose of oil and grease to a municipal sewage system. Failure to comply with the treatment regulations may cause damage to the municipal sewage system and lead to claims for compensation.
  • Factories and production plants are subject to higher sewage fees if their FOG, TSS, BOD and H2S values exceed the permissible limits.


A brief history of the use of microbes in water treatment:


1920s – The era of the bacteria

Modern wastewater treatment processes are based on cultures of live microbes in filter tanks. The first bacteria-based water treatment facility in Finland was opened in the 1920s.

One of the most important tasks of water treatment plants is to maintain the sensitive bacterial population that purifies water.

1970s – Enzymes treating sewers

The first attempts to create biological sewage treatment products were based on enzymes that act as the bacteria’s ‘teeth’.

Enzymes are biological catalysts that break fat down into liquid, i.e. fatty acids, allowing it to pass through the sewage system and grease traps.

Enzymes do not, however, neutralise fat, oil and grease, and these will re-solidify once they reach cold water in the municipal sewage line or pumping station.

Enzymes are banned in many countries and municipalities.

1980s – Bacterial spores in water treatment

The massive problems in municipal sewage systems caused by enzymes prompted the industry to look into alternative solutions that could neutralise harmful substances collected in sewers.

Developments in the field of microbiotechnology lead to a new solution: dormant bacterial spores.

Spore bacteria are often freeze-dried and require a ‘wake-up’ time of several hours, even days, to become effective.

Most sewage lines lack the necessary retention time and the system is unable to deliver adequate results.

2000s – Live bacterial solution

Technological advances in microbiotechnology have led to the development of live bacteria that are able to survive and be effective in the demanding conditions in sewage lines and grease traps.

Highly resilient and fast-reacting bacterial cultures that can start the purification process at the source of the problem where they are most effective, and the effects run all the way through to the water treatment plant.

The latest advances have resulted in new strains of microorganisms that are developed to target specific harmful nutrients such as protein, fat, starch and hydrogen sulphide.

Our solution

Our products are an economical and eco-friendly method for drainpipe maintenance. The microbe solution removes waste build-ups from drainpipes safely and sustainably, extending the pipes’ life.


  • Emulsify FOG into fatty acids that solidify in the municipal sewage system.
  • Enzymes do not remove organic waste but simply move it, which leads to blockages in the municipal sewage system.

Banned in many cities and municipalities

Active micro-organisms

  • The bacteria in the ProtectPipe BIOFLOW and ProtectPipe &home microbe solutions remove organic waste from drainpipes and grease traps.
  • Our products are a result of development efforts in Finland, and it turns organic waste into harmless water and carbon dioxide in a natural way.

A safe and eco-friendly alternative


Active microorganisms

ProtectPipe BIOFLOW and ProtectPipe &home products use bacteria instead of enzymes to digest organic waste from drainpipes and grease traps.

A safe solution

Our products use the same strains of bacteria as water treatment facilities. The bacteria are safe for humans and the environment.

The perfect cocktail of microorganisms

ProtectPipe BIOFLOW and ProtectPipe &home are microbe solutions that were developed to remove all organic waste from pipe system and grease traps. BIOFLOW contains five different strains of bacteria that work together to digest protein, starch, cellulose and hydrogen sulphide.

A green solution

Microorganisms are safe and environmentally friendly and do not harm our waterways. Microorganisms are also a sustainable solution to problems in drainpipes and grease traps.


Blockages are removed from pipes

ProtectPipe BIOFLOW and ProtectPipe &home remove waste gathered in drains efficiently and prevent new blockages.

Grease traps need emptying less frequently

The microbe solutions remove organic waste from grease traps resulting in less odour and less frequent need to empty grease traps.

The life of drainpipes and grease traps is extended

Waste build-ups consist of organic waste, and when the waste decomposes, it forms hydrogen sulphide, which erodes the pipe system and grease traps. Our products remove organic waste from drainpipes and grease traps, extending their life and postponing the need to repipe brittle pipes.

No more foul odours and insects

When organic waste decomposes, it often causes foul odours. The decomposing process creates a perfect environment for insects. ProtectPipe BIOFLOW and ProtectPipe &home remove organic waste from pipes, thus getting rid of the odours and insects.

Reduced sewage fees and maintenance costs

ProtectPipe’s products remove organic waste from drainpipes and reduce the environmental load of wastewater. As microbes clear pipes and grease traps, the cost of repairs and cleaning are reduced.

Protecting the environment

Our products remove organic waste from the pipe system, thus efficiently preventing toxic substances from entering the environment.


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