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Sewer blockage – Can you prevent it?

A huge sewer blockage has been discovered in London. The 130 ton organic waste blockage will take at least 3 weeks to remove, since the sewer is blocked up for a 250 meters. The situation is causing unnecessary expenses for the city, especially since the situation could have, according to the Thames Water waste correspondent, been avoided.

The London sewer pipes are old and date partially back to the 19th century. Could this be a problem for newer infrastructure?

Sewer blockages are not just a foreign problem, and grease and other organic waste are a nuisance closer to home as well. In the start of the summer, an underground sewer pipe blockage occurred in Munkkiniemi beach. The pipe started to leak as a result, and foul smells were bothering the locals. Soon after this the sewage leaked into the water around the beach area, making people unable to go for a swim during the first sunny summer days. This is not a one-off situation, and similar incidents have occurred recently also in Kuopio, Vihtavuori and Puotila in Helsinki.

The question is – what can we do in the future to avoid such incidents?

On an individual level we can all try to avoid unnecessary waste from ending up in the sewer pipes on an everyday basis. When cooking, don’t pour the excess grease or leftovers down the drain. If lots of organic waste ends up in the sewer pipes, and it’s not cleared regularly, the pipes are much more likely to get clogged and start embrittling. Also, try not to flush anything down the toilet, that doesn’t belong there. Toss the hygenic supplies and other unwanted items in the trash.

Even if we do everything right, our sewer pipes will still corrode, and there will be blockages as time goes on. In these situations we need to rely on chemical sewer opening products to reopen the pipe. These products either contain harsh chemicals, that are hazardous to people and the environment, or are enzyme based, meaning that they will break down the blockage for a moment, but not get rid of the organic waste permanently. Wouldn’t it be great, if there was an ecological and efficient solution to sewer pipe problems?

Our solution

ProtectPipe Home Microbe Solution is a preventative and ecological solution to the most common sewer problems. Our product is created with the help of the Helsinki University Department of Biology.

Our promise is that ProtectPipe Home’s Microbe Solution will:

  1. Extend the sewer’s lifespan
  2. Clear blockages
  3. Eradicate smells and insects (No more fruit flies!)

ProtectPipe Home Microbe solution consists of five different non-pathogenic strains of microbes that are developed specifically to withstand the harsh sewer environment. The microbes will literally eat away all the grease and other organic waste from your sewer pipes. The product is environmentally friendly and completely safe for both people and animals. Protect your pipes and protect the environment at the same time.

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