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Microbe cleaning – The Preventative and Ecological Choice

The traditional approach to cleaning has been to get rid of all dirt and bacteria in any way possible. Many have made the mistake to assume, that the strongest chemicals are the best choice when it comes to cleaning. Over the years people have started to pay more attention to the disadvantages that come with the total eradication of all bacteria.

Research suggests, however, that not all microbes are harmful. On the contrary, destroying certain bacteria can cause more harm than good. These so called good microbes, known as probiotics, are starting to being used in cleaning. The idea is, to create an environment where the good microbes can triumph, taking the space from the harmful microbes.

ProtectPipe Home’s Microbe Solution relies on beneficial microbes in cleaning, but we are not the only one’s with this direction. Below is an interesting article from Better Air. Microbe cleaning is here to stay.

Are probiotics the future of cleaning?

Given the choice between a cleaner that reduces germs by 86% and one that all but eliminates them at 99.9%, which one would you choose? If you’re like most people, the answer appears simple – get rid of as many germs as possible. But those nearly 100% effective cleaners aren’t necessarily the best choice. Why? Because they kill all germs, good and bad.

Probiotics are friendly bacteria, and they’re necessary for our good health. In our quest to eliminate harmful bacteria that cause a host of health problems, we ended up with products that remove the very bacteria we need to maintain good health.

Why Disinfectants Are Not Always Best Choice

Antibacterial cleaners work by killing all bacteria on surfaces. Wiping a surface clean of good bacteria with a traditional chemical disinfectants has three main disadvantages:

  1. The removal of bacteria on the top surface layer only; leaving live, harmful bacteria a protective environment in the biofilm.
  2. Rapid bacterial growth on treated surfaces.
  3. The repeated use of disinfectants can lead to the creation of  drug resistant organisms also know as “superbugs.”

You may never have heard of biofilm, but it’s all around you. The easiest example may be the plaque on your teeth, but it also exists in drains and streams. The formation of biofilm begins with freefloatingmicroorganisms universally attaching to surfaces and inanimate objects. Once they adhere to surfaces, they begin to colonize increasing the density of bacterial growth and providing a supportive habitat from harsh environments in an extracellular layer. Biofilms pose a serious problem as they enable cell development and mutation due to their polymer matrix formation. Bioflims are extremely resistant to disinfectants. Conventional cleaning products are ineffective in breaking down the biofilm however it is only possible to reduce the concentration with abrasive, rigorous cleaning or with probiotics.

How Probiotic Cleaning Works

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration defines probiotics as products that contain live organisms – such as bacteria – that are found naturally in humans. These live microorganisms, when administered in adequate amounts, give the host (or surface) a health benefit. The way probiotic cleaning works is actually quite simple. They keep “bad” bacteria at bay by taking up the surface space they’d normally feed off. With nothing to eat, the bad bacteria go into an inactive state and are unable to repopulate. Many studies have been conducted on the efficacy of probiotic sanitation, specifically using strains from the Bacillus family demonstrating a significant

reduction in microbial contamination with a stable effect over time.

BetterAir’s purifier delivers a balanced and healthier indoor environment, protecting everything you care about. It works by releasing a continuous stream of Environmental Probiotics, called Bacillus ferment, which create a protective, microscopic layer of probiotic microflora that shields a multitude of areas. Our purifier improves indoor air quality and offers effective, long-lasting residual cleaning of inorganic matters throughout your home.

The Benefits of Probiotic Cleaning

Probiotics eat and consume the food sources that bad bacteria thrive on. Since probiotics starve bad bacteria and take away their food source, applying that science to cleaning makes perfect sense. Probiotic cleaning to reduce dust mites and the allergies they promote and/or aggravate can result in a more environmentally-friendly indoor environment for you and your family. The benefits of probiotic cleaning are many and include:

  • Chemical-free, natural and environmentally friendly
  • The process cleans down to the microscopic level and deodorizes the area by eliminating the bacteria that cause odors
  • It’s ecologically beneficial and safe for humans, animals, birds, and other forms of life

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