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How can I prevent pipe repair?

After years of saving up you have managed to purchase your dream home. Everything seems fine. As time goes on, you start to notice that the pipes are making strange noises, a foul smell is rising from the sewer, and the drain won’t flush properly. Soon you receive notice about an upcoming pipe repair.

Common problem

This tale of horror is, unfortunately, not a rare instance. Over the upcoming decade approximately 30.000 houses will need to undergo pipe repair. The price ranges between 250e per square meter, all the way up to 1200e per square meter, depending on how and where the project is done. The need for pipe repair is usually every 45-50 years, but this can vary depending on the strain the pipes endure, and on their material.

Aside from the financial distress a pipe repair can cause, the process also typically makes the home uninhabitable for its duration. People rarely want to stay in houses during the renovation, without access to running water. One may need to stay in some form of temporary housing for up to 8-13 weeks, if the renovation is done in a traditional style, where all the pipes and bathrooms are renewed.

Why do we need new pipes?

The need for pipe repair becomes apparent when the drain pipes have been let to embrittle over the years. But what causes them to become brittle? Many things end up in the sewer over the years, ranging from inorganic waste that does not belong there to organic waste, which includes fat, starch and cellulose. Even when being very careful and never washing anything down the drain that doesn’t belong there, organic waste is produced just by normal everyday living and takes its toll on the sewer pipes.

Most organic waste travels away along the sewer pipes and dissolves with the flow, but a small portion gets caught on the pipe walls, causing blockages, and with time embrittlement. 85% of all pipe repairs are due to embrittled pipes. When organic waste remains in the pipe, it starts to rot and produce hydrogen sulfide, which forms a gas bubble on the surface of the pipe that slowly causes the pipe to erode.

How to prevent embrittlement?

Preventing the pipes from becoming brittle also prevents the need for pipe repair. This means that by preventing the organic waste from getting stuck in the pipes, hydrogen sulfide production stops. This makes the pipes potentially last decades longer. A substance that gently removes organic waste is needed.

Our solution is prevention

We believe that the best way to prevent a need for pipe repair is to start preventative sewer care early on. ProtectPipe Home’s Microbe- Solution literally eats away all the organic waste, without damaging the sewer pipes and in an environmentally friendly way.

We also offer our product to housing cooperatives. If you think that your housing cooperative could be interested in a preventative sewer care solution, we will happily provide more details. You can contact us by calling 010 574 9990 or by email at [email protected].


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