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Easy Drain Maintenance: Good Bacteria (Meidän Talo 8/2017)

Meidän Talo 8/2017 Eero Pulkkinen

A Finnish invention puts microbes to work. These tiny plumbers literally devour organic waste, preventing blockages, and embrittlement caused by hydrogen sulfide.

✔ The microbe solution removes not only blockages, but also foul odours and insects that inhabit the pipeline.

✔ The decomposing waste in the pipes is turned into carbon dioxide and water, which makes the product environmentally friendly.

✔ The solution contains no toxins, only natural microbes (5 different bacterial strains).

✔ In the first phase the solution is poured in the drain once a day for one week. After that, only one treatment per month is needed to maintain the effect.

✔ Works for plastic, steel and concrete drains. Developed with researchers from the University of Helsinki.

ProtectPipe Home Microbes available on the ProtectPipe website.

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