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The organic solution in eliminating waste

The efficiency of the ProtectPipe drainage maintenance system is based on the bacterial strains contained in the ecological microbial solution. These bacteria utilize the organic waste accumulated in the pipes as their food source and convert it through their metabolism into harmless new bacterial mass, water, and carbon dioxide. Our solution helps prevent the negative effects and disruptions caused by drainage system problems. It effectively prevents drain blockages as well as water damage, and minimizes pipe wear.

Viemäritukosten ennaltaehkäisy

With decentralized feeding, we achieve the best results!

In the wastewater and grease pipes of properties, organic waste often accumulates over time, which, in addition to the risk of blockages, can cause odor issues and environmental burden. With our microbial solution, the amount of organic waste in the pipes can be drastically reduced, and best of all, naturally and environmentally friendly.

We operate in all types and sizes of properties throughout Finland. Whether it’s the waste pipes of a small residential property or the pipes of a huge shopping center, we prevent waste buildup and drainage problems reliably and cost-effectively.

The best results in drainage systems are achieved with ProtectPipe’s unique decentralized feeding system at the upstream ends of the drains. By decentralizing the feeding of microbes, the impact on the pipeline occurs where the organic waste ends up. With our system, the operational capacity of even small branches is guaranteed, and the surface area required for bacterial growth is maximized.

Compact dispenser

Our drainage maintenance system consists of several automatic dispensers, the location and quantity of which are determined according to the needs of the site. Battery-operated and compact-sized dispensers fit practically anywhere and allow bacteria feeding from the point where it is most effective.

With a maintenance interval of up to 12 months, installations are possible not only in restaurants and cruise ships but also in properties and even their units without residents needing to be concerned about the existence of the equipment.

Site survey

We survey the site using technical drawings of the property

Planning and creating an offer

Designing a service that is tailored to the customer’s needs and the challenges or characteristics of the location.

Finalizing the deal

After accepting our offer, we will make plans on the installation dates with the property management. 

Installation and monitoring

You get to enjoy a hassle free sewage system. We will monitor the results by inspecting your sewage pipes and creating a yearly report.

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