Cruise& 20.11.2019: ProtectPipe develops bacterial wastewater solution for cruise ships
(Image: Kaupo Kalda)

Cruise& 20.11.2019: ProtectPipe develops bacterial wastewater solution for cruise ships

Alex Smith

Finnish biotechnology company ProtectPipe has developed a bacterial solution suitable for wastewater treatment onboard cruise ships that breaks down organic waste in pipelines without the use of chemicals.

A dosing system automatically feeds the solution into the opening of the ship’s sewer lines. The bacteria then multiply and spread throughout the pipes, eating accumulated organic waste and preventing uric scale formation.

This prevents the build-up of organic waste, which causes blockages and attracts insects who shelter and breed in the waste. In addition, it stops waste decomposing and forming hydrogen sulphide, which can cause unpleasant odours and corrosion within piping. It is also potentially dangerous to crew members if inhaled.

ProtectPipe’s solution provides an alternative to the strong acids which have previously been used to keep ships’ pipes open. These chemicals can cause corrosion, harm the environment and become inefficient when diluted by water in the pipeline.

”Ships are floating cities, and their sewage systems are constantly under heavy load,” said Klas Alfthan, founder and head of research and development at ProtectPipe. “Most of the wastewater related problems can be solved by removing organic waste from the ship’s pipelines. Our biological solution provides an efficient, environmentally friendly, and easy solution for that.”

ProtectPipe’s solution has already been used onboard several passenger vessels, such as Eckerö Line’s Finlandia. The company is also undertaking projects onboard several larger ships, including Aida Cruises’ AIDAnova.

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