Most common technical problems on cruise ships are caused by wastewater system

Cruise ship’s wastewater system faces an enormous load of organic waste every day.
It causes numerous different problems onboard ranging from clogged floor drains to corrosion of wastewater tanks.


ProtectPipe’s solution ensures the functionality of wastewater systems

Our solutions are based on different mixes of living bacteria species. By implementing our solutions all problems regarding the wastewater system can be prevented. 



Grey water

Grey water sewers aren't usually vacuumed. This makes the thin sewers vulnerable for clog.

Black water

Vacuumed sewer pipes don't use much water despite the large load of organic waste, which leads to constant clogs caused by uric scale


Fat, oil and grease (FOG) creates multiple problems within restaurants. Most common ones to be fruit flies, bad odors and inoperative grease traps.

Holding tanks

Holding tanks corrode over time from high levels of hydrogen sulfide, which leads to extra fees in harbours.

Environmental impact

Chemicals used on vessels mix into the wastewater, eventually damaging the vulnerable ocean ecosystem.


Grey water

As grey water sewer pipes lead wastewater downwards by gravity, organic waste slowly sticks on the inner surface. The microbes of our BioMarine and BioCabin solutions' cling to the waste using it as their source of energy, slowly taking over the living space and creating a protective biofilm within the sewer pipe.

Black water

Only a small portions of water pass through vacuumed black water sewers compared to organic waste load, which creates a beneficial environment for uric scale to accumulate on the pipe surfaces. BioMarine and BioUrinal solutions are designed to dig into the uric scale gently removing it, freeing the whole diameter of sewer pipe for transporting wastewater. This way we are able to prevent both clogging and bad odors.


Cruise ship's multiple restaurants are always operating near full capacity as both customers and employees must be fed on the vessel. Of course this leads to huge stress within the wastewater system, which sticks out as continuous clogs, bad odors and fruit fly problems. Our BioFloor solution is designed to replace traditional detergents and chemicals used to clean kitchen surfaces. Grease purifying effect starts from the surfaces and continues within sewer pipes as water used in washing eventually goes down the floor drains. If required, the effect can be amplified by our BioFlow solution, designed espescially for restaurants.

Holding tanks

All of our solutions begin to clean the wastewater as soon as it becomes in contact with water. By stretching the wastewater purification process to the whole wastewater system can critical wastewater rates such as hydrogen sulfide be lowered. Wastewater in holding tanks becomes cleaner and wastewater fees can be avoided when docking.


Wastewater is being purified onboard by different types of bioreactors on modern cruise ships to ensure no wastewater ends up in the ocean. Unfortunately bioreactors are sensitive for rapid changes of water purity. By using our microbe based products within the whole wastewater system we are able to empower the effect of bioreactor and make it less vulnerable for these rapid changes in wastewater quality.



Our mission is to advance the well-being of oceans and their ecosystems. All of our solutions are completely biodegradable and designed to replace all the strong and harmful chemicals, that are used on cruise ships at the moment. Sustainable development spreads out the best when it's combined with profitability. That's probably one of the reasons why some of our customers have included our solutions in their marketing campaigns to stand out from other competitors.



M/S Birka Stockholm was one of the first cruise ships, which implemented our solutions step by step. The project began in 2017 and led to vast bacterial treatment onboard. Now black water, galley water and holding tanks are treated with our solutions for at least the next three years.


By implementing multiple of our solutions onboard M/S Finlandia we’ve been able to secure the correct operation of wastewater systems. BioCabin, BioFloor and BioMarine solutions are combined to create a powerful treatment within wastewater system starting from cabins’ floor drains all the way to the holding tanks.


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