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Eco-Friendly Tips for the Holidays

Halloween is over, but Father’s Day, pre-Christmas parties, Christmas and New Years are just around the corner. Buying presents, going ...
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BEST-Project to Protect the Baltic Sea

What happens, when the amount of unclean water ending up to the water treatment plant to be cleaned, increases every ...
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Organic Waste Footprint and Environmentally Friendly Sewer Care

Ecological footprint is a familiar concept to most people. The more environmentally conscious individual might also be familiar with such ...
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Sewer opening vs. sewer care solutions

What is the difference between traditional sewer opening solutions and those based on microbes? Shortly put, the difference is in ...
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How can I prevent pipe repair?

After years of saving up you have managed to purchase your dream home. Everything seems fine. As time goes on, ...
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Microbe cleaning – The Preventative and Ecological Choice

The traditional approach to cleaning has been to get rid of all dirt and bacteria in any way possible. Many ...
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Sewer blockage – Can you prevent it?

A huge sewer blockage has been discovered in London. The 130 ton organic waste blockage will take at least 3 ...
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The Ecological Footprint Represents the Impact Human Actions Have on Nature

The ecological footprint represents the land and water area needed to produce the food, materials and energy used by the ...
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New Wastewater Legislation Sets in Motion in April 2017 – Ecological Load Must Decrease Vastly

The wastewater legislation has been set to improve the condition of our environment. Improving wastewater management in sparsely populated areas ...
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Eco-friendly Cleansing – No More Toxins into the Drainpipe

Eco-friendly cleansing means that the cleansing of drains and pipelines causes no harm to the environment, and that the nutrients ...
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Bad Indoor Air Quality Solved Using Biological Microbes – The Future of Nursery School Pellava Still Unsure

Steiner nursery school Pellava has been located in the same beautiful wooden house in Käpylä for over 30 years. Problems ...
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A Clean Baltic Sea Demands Actions Now – The Nutrient Load from Wastewaters Puts a Strain on the Sea

Eutrophication-causing nutrients end up in the Baltic Sea and water system among our wastewaters. Nearly all of Finland is located ...
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